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Little by Little

Tuesday evening after work we started to gradually move some boxes in, but not before our inaugural Home Depot trip.

We came out with two deadbolts and some house numbers.

It took forever to try to change the lock on the front door and it was impossible to change the side door since the deadbolt was bigger than the hole that was cut in the door. Needless to say, I have a large Ziplock baggie full of keys right now in my bag.

We didn’t plan to attempt to put up house numbers since we only had two screwdrivers and I know we’d need some sort of drill and level for those.

Little by little though, we are moving in boxes and bikes and clothes, and on and on.

We have a finished, but not quite as finished as the rest of the basement room and we’re making that the bike room.

However, our apartment is an awful mess.

I swear, I’m packing things up. I’m not trying out for Hoarders.
We’ve moved the futon, bed frame, some side tables, the dining room table, and some dining room chairs over. The apartment is gradually emptying and getting less convenient – I had to put the ironing board between two kitchen chairs last night.


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Always Greener

This might make me seems weird, but one of the things I’ve always liked about Ann Arbor is that most of the houses aren’t particularly anal about their front yards. Yea, they’re mowed, but they aren’t the pristine and almost unnaturally green yards I grew up with. I love walking by houses and seeing veggies growing in a front yard mixed in with flowers and other plants.

Today we tested out our first house warming gift.

Our lawn is still full of weeds but at least they are shorter weeds…

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It’s official now! We did the walk-through this morning and then headed over to the title company for an hour’s worth of paperwork signing madness.

Keys have been passed over and we got our first congratulatory house plant from the mortgage company.

Hopefully when we run by there tonight the SOLD sign will be out and we can take some sweet pictures by it… ya know, like with me in a mid-air jump.

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It’s a very good place to start, isn’t it?

My husband and I will be closing on our first home in a matter of days and I’ve got a lot of plans for it and so does he.

Since 2003, the longest I have lived in one spot is a little under a year and a half. Study abroad in high school happens, university happens, study abroad happens again, and then three different post-grad residences happen.

We’ve finally got a place to stay for twenty-some years and I fully intend to use the space I have to the fullest. We’ve got a lot of plans on the To-Do List, from small items like simply putting numbers up on the house to large items like building a whole garage.

For the record, the closest thing I’ve build that resembles a garage is a bird house. Just saying, it could get interesting.

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