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Living and Dining

We’ve been living in the house for almost a month and a half now so it’s really been a while since I have posted anything but aside from getting furniture rearranged there haven’t been many photo-worthy events… and I’m sure I don’t need to take pictures every time I cut the grass.

I’ve given up on weeding the lawn this year, it’s just all weeds and I don’t think there is much I can do to help it. If I pulled them up it’d probably be all dirt.

Last weekend my Mom and Gramma stopped buy and brought me a weed whacker they bought for me (battery electric, no cords) and she is letting me borrow their power washer so I can get the front porch cleaned. I didn’t notice just how gross it was until we got part of it done!

For now though, I will leave with some pictures of the to-be living room and dining room. Hopefully unlike most living rooms there will be at least a bit of living done in mine. At least, there will be living in it once there is sufficient seating.


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