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With the past couple of months being dedicated to moving to the new house, being busy at work, half marathon training, and generally everything else I’ve been doing so far this summer and fall, it’s been hard sometimes to avoid eating out and/or eating crappily. I don’t stay up late on work nights, generally not too much past ten, so once I am home from work, exercise, shower, and eat it is pretty much time for bed. Usually, since eating is the last thing I do it gets pushed aside a lot and I have no much time to cook dinner.

The other day decided to jump in and sign up to the blog Eating Rules‘ “Unprocessed October” challenge. It’ll be good to get back on track and also maybe be a little bit of a processed food detox heading up to the half marathon on October 16th.

I’ve been thinking a lot of what this will mean for October.

  • no Kashi cereal for breakfast
  • finding a new soy milk (or not using it)
  • no eating out for lunch at work
  • more excessive menu planning than I already do

So the plan for the weekend, besides the stick shift driving lessons, is to make some granola and plan out next week’s meals. I checked and the bread we buy from a bakery in Saline certainly passes the kitchen test, no weird or unpronounceable science ingredients at all. I could bake it at home, that is, if I wasn’t horrible at baking.


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Now that summer is finally over and the days are a bit cooler, I’m starting to work more on the landscaping. I was able to find some graph paper at work and have been working on graphing out the whole yard recently.

We had a pretty “mreh” looking raised flower bed on the side of our front lawn and since I wasn’t sure exactly what type of flowers/plants/weeds were in it, I decided just to get rid of all of it and start new.

Stray kitty likes to hang out in our neighborhood. This was probably right before kitty ate a grub and I was thoroughly disgusted.

Right now all that I have planted in it is a very tiny Alberta Spruce which I was assured by my mom and Grandma that it would not become gigantic.

This afternoon’s big project was building raised bed garden boxes for the backyard. I had originally mapped out four 4’x10′ beds however once we realized exactly how big 10′ is, we called a friend from down the street and changed the plan to 4’x8′, and the 8′ boards fit almost perfectly in his car. We used 2x12x12 since I wanted to make sure it was deep enough for any carrots or other root veggies.

The end result—

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