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2012 Goals

We had a bit of a weird start last year, moving in halfway through the warm season. The outside of the house only got a little bit of love and the inside really only got organized.

We haven’t been up to nothing though.

We had some fancy dinners.

We assembled an IKEA couch with minimal yelling.

We almost perfected our pizza crust recipe.

As for this year? This is what I would like to do…

Get the garden started: Ordering some topsoil/planting soil hopefully this weekend.

Figure out what to do what that unruly front lawn: Yes, it looks green. From a distance. If you squint. Really it’s just green colored patches of weeds. I’m so lucky we don’t live in suburbia, we’d be landscaping outcasts. I’d love to just cover it with planters.

Fix the back deck: Rip off the planks and replace them with Trex composite decking. We have that for our front deck and it looks great. The goal would be to make the back deck just like the front (colors, design) since we already know that it matches well.

Now I just need to think about what to plant!


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