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This year has proved to be an ‘Adventures in Gardening” sort of year.

A couple months ago I got five yards of dirt dropped off, which was an event early Saturday morning that made me feel like a 4-yr-old boy. So much excitement for a dump truck!

I’m fairly certain it was larger than me. It took about two weekends to shovel all that into the six raised bed, but it was actually just the right amount. We had none left over.

The next big challenge: Groundhogs. Big mama groundhog and her babies that she kindly birthed under our deck.

I probably planted the same plants multiple times, before and after we put up the fence. I know I planted strawberries about three times and I think kale, broccoli, and cauliflower just as many.

That’s me, showing off our lovely fence. Which, much to my surprise, did not keep out baby groundhogs. They don’t dig under or climb over (like the internet said they would), instead they go right through the squares in the fence.

However, in mid-June, once we were in overhaul mode on the new deck, the groundhogs were MIA. I blame the whirring of all sorts of saws.

We decided to go with the Trex decking in “Saddle” color since it matches our front deck the closest. I really like how the front deck looks and I have no problem with the back being similar. All we need to do now is decide on the type of railing we want and how to do the skirting.

Ever since it seems like the groundhogs were scared off, the garden has been coming along well, sort of.

I haven’t had much upward growth on the beans, probably because they got eaten by the groundhogs and had to be replanted, maybe too late. The tomatoes and tomatillo plants are huge, but many of the paste tomatoes have blossom rot and it doesn’t look like any of the tomatillo buds are going to be fruit. My cherry tomatoes are going crazy though! Lots of tiny green tomatoes right now!

I never re-planted kale (maybe a fall crop?) or any broccoli/cauliflower. However, I did leave some squash in after the groundhogs partially at them and they’re growing a little bit. I don’t expect any fruit from them but I’d like to see what they do.

Some of those seem a lot more empty than I had planned on them being. My next line of defense I am thinking of is getting a 2ft tall roll of chicken wire and putting that along the bottom of the fence. I also have grand illusions of putting in some smaller raised beds or even some sort of wooden structure that I can do hanging pots for tomatoes/etc from.


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